The RML Studios Shades Page - Introduction

This section of the Sentinel Music Studios Web site is dedicated to those rare individuals who have given of their precious time and effort to provide others with the means of being able to alter the "look-and-feel" of Bob Lentini's RML Labs line of software applications, namely Software Audio Console, Software Audio well as the native effects . To each, we owe a debt of gratitude that words simply cannot express! Regardless...thank you!

The Shades Sections
Following are three sections - each focused on shades and the relevant images for each of the aforementioned RML Labs software application configurations...

• Software Audio Console: Link
• Software Audio WorkShop: Link
• Effects Shades: Link

Following is relevant and pertinent information pertaining to the above three sections. And though some may find this section somewhat "lengthy" - this information is still very important and relevant nonetheless!!

About the Sections
As you will soon discover, there are four sections in total - this cover page and one page for each of the aforementioned software applications. In particular, each of the software applications sections make provision for the following:

1. The software application and "bit" version - that is, either 32-Bit or 64-Bit
2. A thumbnail image
3. The application images employ an initial "click", and a subsequent "click" - both displaying various image sizes of the specified software application.
4. The effects may employ either an expanded image view [Echo, Eq, Fa, Lev, Rev and Vtv], or a reduced image view [MWS].
5. Each of the images launch in their own separate window.
• This implementation was purposeful so as not to exit the "parent" window.
4. The name of the Shade
5. The "access type" - of which there are two namely, 1) Download 32-Bit and 2) Download 64-Bit.

Access Types
The selection of an access type will produce one-of-three end results namely, 1) Free, 2) Donation, or 3) Purchase.

Free: Invokes an immediate download of the selected shade.
Donation: Invokes navigation to the "Buy Me a Coffee" Web page.
• Upon receipt of a donation, a follow-up email will be sent providing access to the requested shade.
Purchase: Invoke one of two responses, 1) a "Notification" pop-up, or 2) access to the developer's Web site.

ZIP Files
All free-and-therefore-downloadable shades and the relevant bitmap images are made available in ZIP format. To unzip any of the provided data, the software application "7-Zip" is highly recommended.

About the Shades - Updated!
A couple of "things"...
1. Please understand that the shades that are being provided here are those shades that have been acquired by myself - whether directly or indirectly...over the years. More specifically, some of these shades may no longer be available from the original developers. As I have no direct contact with many of the developers, it would be appreciated if any questions and/or concerns that you may have with regards to any of the following shades be taken-up and addressed with the developers themselves. I do hope that this makes sense?

2. The employment of the term "shade" will refer to both the .shd data and the .bmp data. As noted in the section below entitled, "About the Updating of Shades", "In RML Labs parlance, shades are provided in one-of-two means, 1) as a .shd data file, and 2) as a .dll data file" ...and... "For SAC and SAW, shades are provided as a .shd data file. However, for the "effects" - which are comprised of .dll data files, such "shades" are provided as "images." Both of these latter two points are important and therefore, should be remembered!

Development and Provision
The development and the provision of each of these shades sections involved two very important processes, 1) the naming schemes that are employed in the original data, and 2) the file creation dates. More specifically, is what will be referred to as "the inappropriateness" of both of the above when actually deployed.

1) Naming schemes employed
A prime example of the inappropriateness of a naming scheme are the "Pewter" Shades. For example, the "Pewter Enhanced Plus Special Red Rec_Amber Deluxe.shd" contains a filename of some 44 characters!! Attempting to make a filename of this length "work" - especially on a Web page, is, in a word, impossible.

So, a re-naming process must be
considered. This process takes time - a) time to provide the existing naming scheme, and b) time to provide the alternative naming scheme - both of which must be documented -...if for no other reason, out of respect to the author.
• For information especially pertaining to the "Pewter" shades, please peruse the following: Pewter Re-Naming

2) File creation dates
As an example of the inappropriateness of file creation dates - the author, for whatever reason, updates their shade, and sadly, does NOT provide a "versioning" number. A "new" user may then download that updated shade, whilst "existing" users - who, being unaware of the update, may not only continue to employ that "un-updated" shade, but may even provide that un-updated shade to others.

As a result, someone else may download that un-updated shade - whilst sadly being unaware that the author has updated that shade. This may result in various iterations of a particular shade being circulated - all without ever knowing the proper versioning of that particular shade. I do hope that some will realize just how problematic such deployment can effect.

Also, the manner in which Bob has developed his shades negates - for the most part, "time stamps" on shades - so "versioning numbers" become even more significant.

Version Bitmap Differences
Though potentially irrelevant, shades are both "version-and-bit" specific. More specifically, the total number of images employed in each of the versions for Software Audio WorkShop and Software Audio Console may vary, and therefore, it will be helpful to know if the shade you are interested in will be functional in the software application your are currently employing.
• Note: To address this particular issue. the following text will be very helpful: Version Bitmap Differences

More specifically are the SAC shades. In later versions, Bob added dedicated "touch-screen" elements to SAC - an additional eighty-four images! Why does this matter? The free Flat_Gray shade by SLF Audio is an example. This shade was developed for earlier, 32-bit versions of SAC, namely, v3. And though I have modified some elements of the v3 shade - namely, the "MIXER_F_MODULE_RTN_v3.bmp", to accommodate the version differences, the additional eighty-four images have been left untouched!
Note: For a listing of the comparisons between version 3 and version 4 of SAC, please peruse the following: [Click_Me].

The Providers
Following is a listing of those whom have provided shades for SAC and for SAW. For further information on the various shades listings, please peruse the following: Listing of Shade Developers

• Alan Lastufka - Free
• Ambler - Free
• Bjorn Ivar Tysse - Free
• Brett Brandon - Commercial Only
• Dell Krauchi - Free and Donation
• Nick Dellos - Free
• HapHazzard - Free
• Ivan Grigoriev - Free
• Microstudio - Free
• RML Labs - Commercial and Free...Further information
• SLF Audio - Commercial Only...Further information
• Heir Apparent, Terry Gorle - Commercial Only...Further information
• Yura Oran'sky - Free

About the List
The above list contains some very important information with regards to the various shades that are being made available. This list contains 1) the name of the shade, 2) the developer of the shade, and 3) nine shade headings. Please make note of the following:

1. A check mark indicates if the particular shade is available for the selected application.
2. The number in brackets indicates the total number of images provided with that selected shade.
• This number may be used to determine the usability of a given shade for a given application version.
3. The Default applications are highlighted in "gold" - providing a reference of the total number of images that each of these default applications contains.

The "Unknown" Shades
There are a number of the shades that are derived from "unknown" developers. If anyone happens to know of the developer of any of these particular shades, it would be greatly appreciated to be made aware of such developers so that such information can be updated accordingly. Thank you!

About Brett Brandon
A number of the shades - some twelve of them, were provided by Brett - and whom sadly, left the forum awhile back. His shades are my all-time personal favourites - for both their aesthetic and their functional appeal...with the "Simple" shades being my particular favourite.

As access to his shades is no longer made available, the subsequent shades, are, at this time, also presumed to be no longer made available as well. At the completion of this project,  I will attempt to contact Brett to see if he has any interest in making his shades once again - available.
• Note: In the interim, this "unavailability" of Brett's shades will be further evidenced - where upon selecting that particular shade's "Buy" option...with the subsequent "Notice!" pop-up being summarily displayed.

About the Updating of Shades - New!
In RML Labs parlance, shades are provided in one-of-two means, 1) as a .shd data file, and 2) as a .dll data file.

For SAC and SAW, shades are provided as a .shd data file. However, for the "effects" - which are comprised of .dll data files, such "shades" are provided as "images.

The deployment of the .shd data files are noted in the respective User Manuals, for SAW, see, page 246ff, and for SAC, see page 140ff.

For both .shd data files and .dll data files, the updating of the respective .dll's requires the employment of two things, 1) a free application namely, Resource Hacker, and 2) the appropriate "How To" information. Access to both of these resources is being provided below...with one minor exception:

For .shd data files
1) The Resource Hacker application: [Link]
2) The "How To" information: [Link]
• This latter information is, as cited, being provided by Brett Brandon, for whom we all owe a measure of sincere gratitude for his efforts.
3) A text file of Brett's article is being provided here for your perusal: [Link]
a) This text is being provided "As is"...with the exception of the links.
b) Please understand that the above information is for the updating of .shd data ONLY - NOT the updating of .dll data!

For .dll data files
The above information does NOT pertain to the updating of effects .dll's however - thus, the "with one minor exception" clause! Though the Resource Hacker application is required for the updating of effects .dll's, the "ways-and-means" of doing so, just might be a bit more "involved".

Regarding the latter, information pertaining to the updating of effects .dll's may be obtained via an Internet search. For those that may not wish to update the various "effects" .dll's themselves, I will offer the following two "services", 1) a step-by-step, graphical tutorial, or 2) to perform the necessary updates for you. Both of these "services" will be made available via any of the following support links: buymeacoffee or PayPalMe. Please contact me directly for further information.

Other important Information
This "service" is being provided on a "per item" basis. For bulk services, please contact me directly.
• Please note, that I will require the appropriate and "legally obtained" .dll to provide this service - the latter pertaining to 1) the Studio Frequency Analyzer, 2) the Studio Levelizer, 3) the Studio MidiWorkShop, and 4) Reverberator 32.

A final note of sincere gratitude...
A note of gratitude is extended to Angie of Avocado Productions who has made available a number of the free shades and her efforts are greatly appreciated!

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