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This section of the Sentinel Music Studios Web site is focused on the employment of software and hardware in a "live performance" environment.

In the context of this section then, live performance employment will primarily refer to"...those solo artists whom wish to employ software to manage all aspects of the live performance."

Current Offerings
Though this present text will make reference to four current live performance applications namely, 1) Camelot Pro, 2) Cantabile Performer, 3) Gig Performer, and 4) Steinberg VST Live, this majority of text will focus entirely on the employment of SAC and SAW in a live performance environment.

"Solo" Live Performance
More specifically however, this text will focus on live performance within the context of a "solo performer" - whether this performer be a vocalist, pianist, keyboardist or a guitarist. This specific type of employment is important and therefore, should be remembered.

The Content
Please note that the content is somewhat "detailed" - as I believe that such content should, in fact, be so detailed. As someone has stated, "...its quite a bit for the average Joe to get his head around..." Any questions that you may have regarding this content can be directed to me via email. See Contact page for further information.

About "Tech Support"
Anyone that may have questions regarding such topics as "Scenes", the "Control Track", "Show Control" or any user configuration information, may direct such queries to me directly. Questions specific to the possible purchase of any of the software that was employed in this text can be directed to Bob Lentini of RML Labs.
• Note: The RML Labs Forum is a great place for you to obtain information on either of the two software applications mentioned in this text.

The Texts
There are three texts being provided here, namely:

1) The "Solo" Live Performance Environment [Link]
2) Addendum [Link]
3) Outline [Link]

The Addendum
With regards to the "Addendum", please note the following: "Under a separate cover is an Addendum, of which contains various content – that though such content was deemed absolutely necessary to this present text, that such text was purposefully omitted so as not to interrupt the natural follow of this present text."

The Outline
With regards to the "Outline", please note the following: "In the original text, 'The 'Solo' Live Performance Environment', I went into considerable detail on how I have developed and configured what will be referred to as 'a solo live performance environment'. This solo live performance environment permits the artist to implement an entire performance with minimal intervention on the part of the artist. The sole purpose of this present text then, is to explain exactly what this '…with minimal intervention on the part of the artist' is referring to."

Access to the each of these documents may be invoked  via a selection of the [Link] option as noted.

An Important Note
Though not necessarily considered as being proper Internet protocol, selecting any of the three [Link] options, will subsequently launch the selected link in a separate "window". It is recommended therefore, that the Addendum link be launched for easy access to that text as that text will referred to somewhat often in the main text.

And finally...on a very personal note...
I sincerely believe that if there is one single "take-away" that those that peruse this text really-and-truly need to understand at the outset, is that regardless of the "pros and the cons" of the other offerings, that, at the end of the day, all that you are left with is...those offerings. I do hope that this makes sense?

Not so with Bob's software! With Bob's software, at the end of the day, I have a "full-blown" digital mixing console available - with that console being able to be employed in whatever environment such an application could be employed in. Not only that, I also have available to me a complete and fully-functioning Digital Audio Workstation that, as with the digital mixing console, can be employed in whatever environment such an application could be employed in.

The point here is - is that at the end of the day, I still have a digital mixing console and a DAW!
Not so with the other offerings!! Again, I do hope that this all makes sense?

single-and-most-important take-way here then, is that I really do not have to learn a completely new environment - but rather, I am learning how to apply my existing software in new and exciting ways!

As Bob has so eloquently stated, "
Have a look around and enjoy your journey into my crazy world where doing things differently is the norm."

As always, I hope that the above information will be of some practicable use?

Thank you for your time!


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