At Sentinel Music Studios I offer instruction in the following:

• Lessons for the beginner or novice guitarist - this is my speciality and my focus!
• Folk, finger-style, guitar
• Electric - non-rock, guitar
• Staff Notation - Theory
• Timing and Rhythm
• Using Computers for Music - Digital Audio
• Using Computers for Scoring and Arranging - Sibelius

Lesson are provided in one of two ways:
1. Private, one-one-one guitar instruction
2. Private, on-line, wrote guitar instruction

Private, one-one-one guitar instruction
These lessons are provided in my studio located in east Maple Ridge.
Private, on-line, wrote guitar instruction
These lessons are provided in my on-line studio located here: On-Line School

Lesson Information
Lesson fees: $40.00 per hour
Lesson days and times: Monday to Friday, 3:00pm to 8:00pm - inclusive
Saturdays: 9:00am to 1:00pm - inclusive
Lesson periods: We offer lessons which cover two, six-month periods and one, two month period:
Term 1 - Winter Term: September to January - 6 months
Term 2 - Spring Term: February to June - 6 months
Term 3 - Summer Term: July to August -  2 months
Note: We recommend selecting one of the three available lesson terms, though we do provide payments on a month-to-month basis as well.
Lesson fees are paid in advance. Further infomation can be found in the lesson cover which can be obtained here: Lesson Cover. You may also use the SMS PayPal lesson payment option below.

Lesson Fees: Per Month or By Term Price Buy
Lesson Fees - 4 Weeks $160.00
Lesson Fees - 5 Weeks $200.00
Term 1 - Winter Term: 5 Months $880.00
Term 2 - Spring Term: 5 Months $880.00
Term 3 - Summer Term: 2 Months $360.00