Good day,

I am presently looking for beginning to intermediate students who have an avid-and-sincere interest in studying the guitar.

About me...
I am a semi-retired individual, whom has a passionate interest in passing on to others what I have been able to glean over the years in both the pedagogical, the technical, and the performance aspects of the guitar.

I have over 40 years experience - in both the "professional" and the "tutoring" capacity, and have written an 800+ guitar instruction manual entitled "The Procedural|Linear Approach to Learning the Guitar". I have also scored over 2000+ arrangements for the guitar in solo, duet and "music-minus-one" formats.

Having also been involved professionally as the sole proprietor of a local computer servicing facility since the mid 90's, I also have experience working with "digital audio" such as...
– MIDI, Digital Audio Workstations, Mixer-in-a-box, and Guitar Amplifier Simulation|Modeling.
• Note: As a "computer consultant", I have written over 800+ technical articles covering a wide-rang of topics. With regards to digital audio, I have written well over 3000 documents covering all aspects of the guitar as it would pertain to digital audio and PC-based systems.

About the lessons...
The lessons provided are 1) private only, 2) in-studio only, and 3) instructor-led only, guitar instruction with the studio located in central Maple Ridge.
• A criminal record check is available if so desired.

About lesson fees....
The lessons will be provided absolutely-and-entirely "for free" and therefore, at no cost.
• No, THIS OFFER IS NOT A GIMMICK! I am truly sincere in my desire to assist other "like-minded" guitarists!
However, if a "stipend" is offered, such will be considered "for services rendered".
• Such a "stipend" - though suggested, is not necessarily expected.

The only note-worthy and important considerations are...
1) which was previously stated, to "...have an avid-and-sincere interest in studying the guitar",
2) that the perspective student understands what is meant by "instructor-led only", and
3) that the minimum age requirements is 12.

Thus, it is imperative, that perspective students understand what the terms, "avid", "sincere", "study" and "instructor-led only" really-and-truly mean in the context of the guitar and its music.

In closing...
If you should thus discover that you have interest in the above, please e-mail for my contact information - so that we can discuss the above in further detail.
• Please note, I do not own a cell, so I am unable to text.

In closing, I would like to thank you for both your time and attention to the above.

"A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart."