Lesson Materials

As previously mentioned, most of the lesson materials are available only in the complete edition of the Lesson Manual. The ones that are available are listed below - with other lesson materials be made available when time permits. Specific Technical Exercises will be made available - as some of these Technical Exercises may be of particular benefit to some students.

The Lesson Manual
The Procedural/Linear Approach to Learning the Guitar" - herein referred to as the "Lesson Manual", is currently unavailable as it is undergoing major revision.

The Supplementary Materials

The following two articles are being provided at no charge due to their importance:

This lesson is provided to address some pertinent information on the disadvantages of the use of and the development of calluses. Apparently, the material contained here stands in stark contrast to what others believe and teach in that it discourages both the use of and the development of calluses. This article is being provided at no charge due to its importance - especially for the younger guitarist.

Teaching Guitar to Young Children
I wrote this article to assist those responsible for younger children in being able to determine the suitability of the guitar for younger children. This article is being provided at no charge due to its importance.

The Five Gems of Davius
About the author: Joshua Krauchi, who is my youngest son, wrote this story when he was just twelve years old and was first published in 2012.

About the story: "Drake Sylvan, a 15 year old boy who lives in the land of Davius, meets a mage that sends Drake on an adventure to find the Five Gems of Davius. If he can, then the world will change from bad to good, all that was lost will be restored and the word "chaos" will have no meaning."

Straight Out Of Me
About the author: Tegan Krauchi, wrote these poems under the title of "UpsidedownTpoetry" and which was first published in 2018.

Supplementary Materials Section Price Buy
Calluses, 3 pages N/C
Teaching Guitar to Young Children, 2 pages N/C
Other Materials Price Buy
The Five Gems of Davius $9.95
Straight Out Of Me $16.50

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