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Are you serious about music? Are you serious about learning to play the guitar "properly"? More importantly, are you serious about learning to play the guitar – "foundationally"?

Regardless of what you may have heard, in order for you to improve your guitar playing skills - there are three very important facts that you must be made aware of, 1) that you need to practice, 2) that you require the proper materials, and 3) that you require the proper "type" of guitar.

At Sentinel Music Studios, I can provide you with the one of the above "ingredients" namely, the proper materials. You must provide the other two - that is, the necessary practice time and the proper type of guitar.

The Instruction Method
I believe that my instruction method is truly unique! I have personally prepared and written all of the lesson materials - over 450+ pages. I have personally prepared and scored the entire repertoire that you will be using during your practice times at home.
• Note: This repertoire is available only to my students and comes in a music-minus-one format to assist you in making your practice time at home much more enjoyable.

I can show you how you can literally save yourself hours of pointless and fruitless practicing by clearly demonstrating to you just how you can know if you are really improving – or not.

I can save you hours in learning how to read and understand written music. In fact, I have completely rewritten how you understand the written aspect of music.
• Note: As a point-of-interest, the guitar is the only instrument that I am aware of that uses multiple notation systems. This fact is both sad - as well as being potentially harmful. Music theory – or properly, "staff notation" is the preferred notation system to use – regardless of what others may say on this matter.

Most importantly however, is that all of the lesson materials focus on making you, the guitar student as independent of the instructor as soon as is practicably possible.

As a guitar instructor, I am committed to assisting all guitar students i the development of both their technical and performance skills. This is accomplished though the performance opportunities as well as other guitar-related functions – guest performances, workshops, and so on.

As an instructor, I really do have the student's best interests in mind and sincerely hope that each of my students will keep moving forward.

I honestly believe that once you have tried my teaching method - you will not be satisfied with any other and am giving you the opportunity of trying this out for yourself - with a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

About the Private Lessons
The lessons are held in a very spacious and comfortable studio setting – unlike most guitar studios that are generally quite small. The lesson period is 60 minutes instead of the normal 30 minutes that most provide with my rates comparable to those that only provide for a 30 minute lesson. Lessons are offered once per week.
• Note: All perspective students are asked to attend an infomral interview. My studio is located two blocks away from a Starbuck's location – so we could meet there if you would prefer. All that is required is for you to give me call or to send me an email to set up a time to meet. Or, if you would prefer, we could meet at my studio . It is entirely up to you.

In closing…
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. If you are interested in either private or on-line instruction, please respond by calling me or emailing me today for more information and how you can get started. You have absolutely nothing to lose but only all that much more to gain!

I would to thank you for your time and your consideration.

Dell Krauchi

Please note: I can provide references if you like as well as criminal record check. I also do not own a cell phone...so I am unable to text. Sentinel Music Studios is also the home of Customer First Computing.
• See: www.customerfirstcomputing.com

"A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart."

Solo Finger-Style Guitar Performances
I am also available for performances. My rates are very reasonable. Please call me or email me for further information as my rates are entirely dependent on the actual purpose of the performance.

My performances involve the use of three types of guitar, namely 1) a nylon-strung guitar, 2) a steel-strung guitar, and 3) an electric guitar. The use of thes three types of guitar allows me to provide you with a varied repertoire. The following is a small sampling of my current repertoire:

Nylon-Strung Guitar
A Swiss Tune

Steel-Strung Guitar
Unchained Melody
The Water is Wide

Electric Guitar
Samba Pa Ti

DJ-Type Services
Though I do not consider myself a DJ, my current "live performance" set-up does permit me to provide limited DJ-Type services. Again, please call me or email me for further information.

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